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Who we are?

POLIPAUL Unipessoal Lda

Polipaul started activity in 2018 in the region of Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. It has invested its power in this region with so much potential to create a reference brand in the area of polishing and finishing of luxury metal goods …

PoliPaul started its operations in March 2018, in order to respond to a market need for luxury metal goods.

We have facilities with more than 1000 m2, able to welcome new projects at any time as well as any type of machinery for modernization and acquisition of new capacities.

We are expanding our work in the polishing of other types of materials, like resins, glass, etc ….

We have projects under development to automate the process of preparation, polishing and glazing.

All our polishing machines are equipped with individual stations, for the recovery of the most precious materials, customized for each client.

Semi-automated washing machines are also available.

We have partners all over the country who provide the most sophisticated technologies, from the area of CNC machining and preparation, to the various areas of finishing, galvanizing, lacquering, stone gluing, laser engraving, gemstone engraving, leather and fabric, etc …

We have a quality control sector, which has a high level of demand, both aesthetic and dimensional; our main concern is always to respect the requirements of our customers.

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Paulo Duarte, founder of Polipaul, is a specialist in polishing with more than 20 years of experience in the sector, including 14 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland and 8 years in Portugal.

In Switzerland he acquired the most diverse professional backgrounds, both in technical and management.  In Portugal, since 2010, it has established a professional connection with a specialist in the most diverse areas, enabling it to offer its clients, besides Polipaul’s services, consulting and project development services.

Therefore, he decided to start his own company, with the aim of offering his clients all their experience in the sector. Paulo Duarte, is available to develop partnerships and act as a consultant for all services performed in Portugal, in the sector of luxury metallic goods.